Pillow fighting enters combat sports arena

Cushion battling is moving out of the room and into the boxing ring when Pillow Fight Championship (PFC) holds its first live, pay-per-view occasion in Florida on Jan 29.

Steve Williams, the man with the fantasy about transforming youth clowning around into an expert battle sport, said PFC conveys all the show of hand-to-hand battle without the butchery of blended combative techniques or boxing.

“It’s not something where you stay there and snicker and quills are flying,” Williams said. “It’s significant. It’s bad-to-the-bone swinging with particular pads.”

Albeit the male and female rivals in January’s occasion for the most part hail from the ferocious universes of MMA and boxing, youngsters will in any case rest adequately subsequent to seeing the sessions.

“The main contrast between our battles and MMA battles is that no one gets injured,” he said.

“The warriors don’t care to get injured, and there’s a many individuals who would rather not see the blood. They need to see great rivalry, they simply don’t have any desire to see the viciousness.”

The way that such countless individuals grew up slamming their kin, companions and guardians with pads makes the game engaging, which he expectations will help tap into another crowd.

“You can consider it an elective game, however we believe it will have standard allure,” he said.

“Contemplate how they blended blue grass music in with rap music and united these assorted crowds. That is the thing that we’re doing, and we trust it gets an alternate sort of watcher.”

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